Port Repeater

Increasingly often people need to access services within LAN networks connected to Service Providers that don’t release static public addresses. To solve this problem, Know IT developed Port Repeater, an exclusive service that allows, in a few clicks, to integrate a real advanced remote management solution.

Port Repeater, in fact, takes advantage of a virtual static IP to easily reach, through the Internet, any device and application connected to the LAN.

Computers, NVR recorders, cameras, audio/video systems, network switches, antennas, home automation, the possible applications of Port Repeater are multiple and potentially extendable to all devices with TCP/IP connection.

Why choose Port Repeater??

Guaranteed access without using Dynamic DNS services
Automatic detection of any change to the public IP address

Maintaining the connection even when changing providers
Direct display of images transmitted by cameras and NVRs

Possibility of connection from any device (PC, Tablet, Smartphone)
Does not require the use of SIM Machine-to-machine or IoT

What the service includes

The solution consists of a cloud service, available in several versions, to which you can point your browser to view web access and a mini PC to be installed via Ethernet on the remote LAN.

How Port repeater works technically

The configuration, carried out through an online and password-protected graphical interface, consists in the simple creation of a correspondence between the TCP port of the service and the TCP application port of the remote device you want to access.