Terms of sales

1) Acceptance of the conditions

These general conditions of sale regulate all relations between Know IT S.r.l. and the purchasing company (in short “Customer”) unless expressly derogated from special conditions agreed in writing. These general conditions, as well as any special conditions, are considered accepted by the Customer even if they differ from the customer’s general or special conditions of purchase. The latter will commit Know IT S.r.l. only if expressly accepted in writing.

2) Orders

The customer, who accepts the order under the proposed conditions and terms, will send acceptance by email to the commercial reference or sales@testwp.peplinksolutions.it.

3) Prices

The prices of the various products handled by Know IT Srl will be communicated to the customer through the issue of price lists and offers and will correspond to the prices in force on the date of the order. If, however, during the course of the supply, there is a change in the manufacturer’s price list, Know IT Srl is entitled to adjust the prices also for orders in progress, subject to acceptance by the customer. The prices applied do not include taxes, duties, transport costs or any additional services that remain the responsibility of the Customer.

4) Transport and shipping

Unless otherwise specified, the goods will be delivered carriage paid and charged to the invoice via our TNT courier service. The goods travel at the customer’s risk. The delivery dates of Know IT S.r.l., are simple estimates; Know IT S.r.l. is not responsible for any delays and delivery of non-conforming or damaged goods, if not collected by the customer with express note of “acceptance of goods with reserve” on the delivery document of the courier.

5) Payments

To the supplies made by Know IT S.r.l. towards the Customer are applied the payment conditions agreed in the offer. Failure to pay at the due date of the invoice or debit note, any request for postponement of payment or any other fact that determines the Customer’s default, leads to the suspension of further supplies until the balance of the amounts due.

6) Product warranty

The product warranty is provided directly by Peplink international Ltd. (in short “Peplink”), is 12 months.

It is the customer’s responsibility to inform Know IT S.r.l., within one year of purchase, the exact date of sale of the product, so that the deadline is properly aligned. The warranty does not include damages deriving from transport, improper use, incorrect installation, inexperience, negligence, carelessness on the part of the customer and/or third parties. More information on the warranty conditions of each individual product will be provided on specific request.

7) Support

Please see the Technical Support page.

8) Failure/Malfunction Returns

Any return of material must be previously authorized by Know IT S.r.l. and Peplink. The return request must be made directly by the customer according to the following operational sequence:

Opening of the ticket through communication in English at support@peplink.com (cc: sales@testwp.peplinksolutions.it) specifying: problem encountered, model, hardware serial number, contact person references and diagnostic report.

Issue of email authorization by Peplink support with notice of acceptance/non-acceptance of the replacement and RMA/DOA code to be used for the return.

Immediate shipment of the material in free port to Know IT S.r.l., via Enrico Noe, 20133 Milano. The Customer must return the products in their original shipping packaging or in an equivalent packaging, with prepaid shipping costs within 10 days from the issue of acceptance. Returned products must also indicate the corresponding ticket code on the transport document. Materials received without complying with the specified operating procedures will be rejected.

The allocation of shipping costs and return times are as follows:

Return for DOA: Peplink will send the customer a new unit in advance within 3/4 working days from the acceptance of the ticket. The transport costs are entirely borne by Peplink. Customs import charges are to be borne by the customer himself.

Return for RMA: Know IT S.r.l. will ship the faulty machine to Peplink who, after checking the return, will send the replacement unit to the customer in about 10-14 working days. Only in case of hardware covered by Smartcare contract, Peplink will send a new unit in advance to the customer, in about 3/4 working days from the acceptance of the ticket. The cost of returning the faulty machine to Peplink’s headquarters in Hong Kong will be charged to the client. The shipping costs of the replacement machine are borne by Peplink. The customs charges due to import are borne by the same customer.