AP Controller

The Peplink AP Controller, integrated in all Peplink Balance and some MAX Mobile Routers, allows you to manage the entire wireless network directly from the device. Installation is fast and Peplink Access

Points are automatically detected, giving you instant control over configuration, usage and more, through detailed 24/7 reports.

A clear and comprehensive reporting system

Whether you’re working directly from your router or a tablet on the other side of the world, this
controller gives you instant access to statistics on data usage, signal frequency and time intervals,
broken down by Access Points. The service also includes an event log client to monitor user behavior
and display alerts for events that require further investigation, such as the presence of alleged AP

Peplink WLAN Controller AP Reporting

Peplink Setup Automatico Access Point

Automatic Access Point Setup

The Peplink AP Controller can scan the network of new Access Points and configure them automatically.

It is also possible to centrally initialize firmware updates remotely on one or more Access Points.