Cloud Management


InControl 2 is the free cloud management, monitoring and reporting service designed specifically for Peplink devices. Any router, access point and device connector can be registered on this platform for unprecedented visibility and control.

Fleet monitoring

Used in combination with Mobile routers, equipped with integrated GPS, InControl 2 offers complete fleet management allowing you to track the position of the devices accurately and in real time on an interactive map, control the speed of the vehicle on which the device is installed, check its network coverage and traffic conditions.

SpeedFusion™ centralization

InControl 2 also allows easy management of the Speedfusion™ VPN functionality. Simply create a single Speedfusion™ profile centrally to automatically configure the VPN settings on all devices on the platform within minutes.

Device Control

Check in real time connected devices, usage, Internet traffic and any network anomalies via a single, simple dashboard.

Peplink InControl2 controllo dispositivi

Firmware Updates

Finally, InControl2 offers comprehensive firmware management and automated update planning for entire device groups.