Nautical world

Peplink mobile routers allow centralized and personalized management of on-board connectivity: whether it's VSAT, 4G LTE(A) or port WiFi. This way, the boat will always be online using the best connectivity available.


Retail customers know the damage created by the lack of a network. Peplink products guarantee the high reliability of the internet networks so as to guarantee the operational continuity of the stores even one connection falls.


To stream video, it’s essential to have a sufficiently wide, but above all stable, bandwidth. The features of Peplink solutions, thanks to SpeedFusion technology, allow you to aggregate the bandwidth of connections and have hot-failover to avoid the interruption of video streams.


Connectivity for a video surveillance system is essential: Peplink makes the cameras always accessible, even with SIMs without public IP. In addition, POE functionality and remote management thanks to the Peplink cloud, InControl 2, guarantee easy management even for the most difficult installations.


Ability to manage SIM of different operators, GPS antenna for geolocation, captive portal included with the possibility of access via social, certifications for the automotive and rail market: these are just some of the features that make Peplink mobile routers the best solution for connectivity on moving vehicles.

Give your router an extra edge
with Poynting antennas

Poynting is the right solution for optimal reception of 4G/5G and LTE, GPS and Glonass, IoT LoRa and Sigfox signals as well as RFID and WIFI applications. Poynting antennas are now used in all industrial sectors such as residential, automotive, industrial and IoT or highly specialized as in the marine, mining and tunnel markets.

Each antenna is designed and manufactured to ensure both optimal coverage of the required signal and installation flexibility: Poynting’s main feature is versatility. Each antenna has different fields of use and therefore multiple mounting systems are included.